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2015+ Mustang side quarter lexan or other non-OEM solution?

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Hi all!

Curious if anyone has discovered a non-OEM replacement option for the side quarter windows? Looks like the seal is part of the glass, so you can't buy it separately. I am hoping to use lexan or aluminum in place of the OEM glass because I need to use one for a naca duct and hoping to put my quick jack connection in the other
Could you make something like this work?

I think the challenge with these are the window seals - from what I can tell, only the window itself is covered.

I've reached out to these guys to see if they have a window seal solution. Looks like they're just the window part...but we'll see what they say. Thanks for the link!
Also see that PAE has some type of solution. I'll reach out to them and see if they can share more info too



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Could you make something like this work?

That's exactly what i did. These are actually meant to go over glass so you have to be a bit creative.
I just put foam strip behind it to hold it out flush with the body and fastened it with nylocks so it wouldn't come lose since the bolts were tightened down just enough to correctly position the cover. Worked slick.
Hey team,

this is an interesting thread and thank for the info so far. Does anyone have any idea what the glass weighs on a S550 for the 5 pieces in the pic?



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I found those weights on a glass website somewhere and the values these guys give seem accurate (50% weight savings). I can't find that data now, just working from memory. Only downside I heard was that lexan scratches very easily compared to car glass so you have to be careful with it.

I've decided against doing it, when you're just doing lapping days the weight saving is really not a big thing, you're only competing against yourself anyway. If I was competing in some timed discipline against other cars I'd certainly be going down that road though, it is easy weight loss.

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