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The Dragon/Deals Gap

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Deals Gap aka The Dragon is a public road hwy 129 between TN. and NC. If you have never been there it it 318 curves in 11 miles. Very dangerous and very fun. Very well known to bikers and sports car drivers. I have been riding my motorcycle on it all my life and lately sports cars. My Porsche 911 loved it. Today was my second trip there in the boss. I will post pics later but here is a little video I shot while driving and holding the iPhone cam just so you can get the gist of it. Anyone else have experience their? Have you run it in the Boss? It feels like it was made for this kinda road. [youtube][] well I'm not sure I got the YouTube posted right you may need to copy and paste it. Anyway post your vids and pics here if you have them.


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I ran it last summer in the BMW 330Ci my Boss has replaced. Great road! There are other roads there a bit less travelled and almost as good....

While it's famously known as the "Tail of the Dragon" there are so many cops out there on the weekends, it could really be called "Tail of the Pig."

Disclaimer - The preceding statement was made in jest and is exclusively for use in humorous context. The author implies no actual connection between law enforcement officers and pigs, bacon, or pork products of any kind. The author further wishes to express his respect for said LE personnel and denies any allegations that he has at any point implied any affinity of aforementioned public servants and any/all products from the Krispy Kreme bakery. Professional driver on a closed course. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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Very nice, other members have posted info on that road before. Steve if you have an iP4/4S check out these inexpensive options for mounting it.

They are out of stock but you might be able to find one on ebay.

This mount works very well.
Ran it in June had a rally style event with 16 cars all friends starting in Boston. Never saw a single cop, was a week day though. I thought the skyway road was better suited for the boss. not a single cop there either. Great trip. 2500 miles the second week I had the car.

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Those are some nice pics. Mine will be up in a day or two. Just let me know anytime you guys are going that way and I will meet you there. And yes the cherohala is a very nice road also with long sweeping curves. Someone died in a bike crash up there yesterday. Please be careful. That's why the place is full of cops. Weekdays u may get lucky and not see any but weekends they are always there.
It amazes me that people will drive for hours to get to a road that is 10 miles long, and it gave me an idea. I live in Colorado, and I am pretty sure I have mapped a route that is 150 miles long that would never be straight for more than 1/4 mile at a time.


All I need to do now is trademark the name, get businesses along the route to advertise in my map book and website, and watch the coin start rolling in.

You may be on to something there. I only drive about 40 minutes to get there but people do come from all over to ride the tail of the dragon. It has really got more popular over the years with all the write ups in biker magazines and the like. They seem to be cashing in on all the photos taken. It used to be a curved road that you had to take to get to Fontana Dam. It has since turned into a destination of its own. Combine that with the loop around the Cherohala and it is a day of fun driving and beautiful country. Plus you get to meet all kinds of people from all over the globe.
we did it for a couple of reasons 1 was to raise money for charity. so not only was it a good drive, a lot of fun but we also were able to donate a good amount of money to a very good charity. win all around.
I haven't driven the Dragon yet, but a group of mustangs from the NC area are planning on hitting it in October so I am looking forward to that. I did take the Boss for a run on the Diamondback and NC80 in June with the same group. It was an absolute blast in this car and I only wish the cars in front of me were able to move a bit faster. I had the suspension set to 5 front and 4 rear. Tons of grip and what a great day. Looking forward to the Dragon.


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My local MINI club goes up there 2 times a year with other MINI clubs in the states. I thought I was going to be able to go this past May but work precluded that (and Track Attack ;) ). I was looking forward to the wife driving the JCW and me in the Boss there. Doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon. Speaking of this road, anyone else remember the Top Gear episode where they took the SLS, GT3 and the 458 there?

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I will be running the dragon on Monday. I just had the opportunity to participate in a car rally from west Texas to New Orleans and was able to coordinate the return trip home so that I can work the Dragon in. I am especially looking forward to Tail of the Dragon after reading everyone else's experiences.

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