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The Following on Fox

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Anyone else watching The Following on Fox? I thought the first two episodes were outstanding. A mix of Silence of the Lambs and Charles Manson.

I read this on the Wiki after I wrote my above comment:

“Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly stated: "The weakest part of The Following is the idea that Carroll was a college professor who held his classes spellbound with lectures about Thoreau, Emerson, and, most crucially, Edgar Allan Poe." He added: "The drama's strongest elements override this flaw. Both Bacon and Purefoy are so intensely earnest, The Following quickly supersedes its patent Silence of the Lambs setup. The moments that focus on Carroll's criminal cult give the series its real power, and the modern-day variations on Charlie Manson's kill-crazy crew are genuinely spooky."


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I have been downloading it and have seen a few episodes. it is now a show I will watch on a weekly basis. I have the americans downloaded too but havent got around to watching any of them yet
The Silence of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Mr. Tucker let this show off the hook too early, because he was comparing it to the wrong book/movie. It's not copying Silence of the Lambs, it's copying Manhunter, a.k.a. Red Dragon. Here is part of the synopsis from Wiki:

...FBI profiler Will Graham Kevin Bacon comes out of retirement to lend his talents to the case, but in doing so he must confront the specter of his past and meet with a jailed killer who nearly counted Graham Kevin Bacon amongst his victims.

Even more specifically, the serial killer is a college professor (check), who quotes literature (check), gets close to the detective in order to supposedly offer help (check), and then tries to kill/eat/whatever the detective (check). Detective is haunted (check), an alcoholic (check), retired (check), and on the edge. After 15 minutes of the first episode, I couldn't stop thinking of Thomas Harris' lawyers scrambling for their pens. Meanwhile, I was scrambling for Michael Mann's adaptation that I have on DVD in that drawer right over there. But, I stuck with it. Fery few shows get it right at first and I'm a reasonable man.

I also have a million issues having to do with the cult. The idea of the cult as being so pervasive that it resembles everything from terror cells to a Cylon infiltration is an interesting one, but ultimately hard to swallow. I also don't see any motivation from the cultists. They seem to have plenty of money and get laid on a regular basis, so what's left? Bloodlust? I ain't seeing it. I won't pick that stuff apart though, because you guys will get tired of that real quick. ;)

Now, all that being said, I continue to watch it. I don't watch much TV, so having one or two shows a week is easy to manage (most everything else I watch on video or Netflix). I figure in the next few episodes, it will either turn a corner with something interesting, or it will jump the shark. So, I'm in for contributing to this thread.

Jimmy "Bacon Number of 2" Pribble
The first season ended and the director and writers did a good job keeping the intensity up for the whole season. The first to last episode was quite gruesome for TV. Finished watching the last episode this evening and while quite good it was also quite predictable. I thought they'd save the FBI agent at the last second but no luck. My wife and I were predicting the last scene for the second half of the last episode. It will be interesting to see how the next season starts off. I suspect Emma will be the main villain.

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