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This is a good video on 70's car's

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I seen this posted on another forum, It's kind of long but it's pretty good.

I have watched this a few times. Good video. Was a little disappointed that the hemi challenger had a wounded clutch and the Chevelle was an auto.
I would also like to note, most of those cars have horrible gearing and f60/14 tires, not a good combo for max performance.

Most of those shootouts run original cars which is cool but not really a good display of their potential. I have a friend that has an all original 70 hemi challenger that runs very low 12's with just the addition of drag radials.

Love that Hurst Olds, brings back memories from my childhood. My dad had a 1970 442, yellow with white stripes.
blacksheep-1 said:
These were the "Bosses" I was raised with....



Let's not forget the Javelins that ran really well in the original T/A series. AMC had a few good cars in the late 60's early 70's, but they get little love today. At about 1:15 in that video is a short shot of an AMX being used as a pace car. The AMX was a shortened wheelbase Javelin, and I think it could not be raced in T/A because it did not have a back seat. I sold my '69 AMX 390 4-speed Go Pack car to buy the Boss. When I removed the restrictors on the Boss exhaust, I almost fell over when I heard the idle. It sounds nearly identical to the AMX. The Boss sounds way better once underway though. There was a very rare S/S model AMX that would run with anything made at the time, including the Boss 429 and the Hemis, although it was technically not street legal, similar to the current Cobra Jet.

Edit: I didn't even watch the video at first. The description doesn't list the AMX as one of the cars tested, but there it is! Good to see it getting its due.

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