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Throttle hicups

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I searched for a similar issue, but could not find anything. When driving around and really gettin on it, notice it mostly in 5th gear, I feel small bubbles or hicups in the throttle responce, very very not noticeable, but enough to annoy me. Does any one else notice this? I almost think it might be Advanctrac working, but I don't know enough about that system to say if it.

Thnak for the help.
Yep I get them but it's from transitioning from partial throttle to full throttle so no way it's advancetrac on my car. I notice it with both the silver and red keys.. I've reset my PCM by disconnecting the battery for 10+ minutes and that does help.
Yeah I noticed the same and figured it was just the computer nannies doing their thing.
Definitely noticed it on first track day during wide open throttle (red key). At first I thought it was rev limiter, but it was happening waaaay earlier than 7500 rpm and it was far less noticeable than that. It was, as the OP suggested, like a few small hiccups.

I'm really curious as to what is happening. It only happens under load; I could rev the throttle all day long in neutral and not replicate it. Kinda' hard to demonstrate to Ford unless the Ford tech is willing to sign the waivers and strap on his helmet . . . .


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I remember when I had the factory tune and trackey it would do a jerky kind of thing at part throttle low speed kinda like a trailer was attached jerking on the back of the car. hard to describe.

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