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Throttle stuck

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Driving my 13 B2 the other day I got on it a bit & the throttle stuck.Scared the he## out of me.I tapped the pedal & it stopped.So today same situation and bam stuck again.WTF.This is not good.These cars are enough to handle without this.Has anyone else experienced this ? Definetly taking it to ford.
I have not heard of other throttle's sticking on Boss 302s. Obviously take it to the dealer immediately and keep us posted on what the issue is. Is your car stock?
I had put after market floor matts in mine as I didn't want to use the embroidered ones and because they didn't have the holes for the fasteners, they rode up under the throttle peddal and stuck to the floor. Scary is right. Have a look and see if your floor matts have slid up under the peddal, it's worth a shot.
My car is stock & only has 1056 miles.I did swap out the floor mats for othersw to keep originals ones nice.I thought that was the problem too & was the first thing I checked & nope they weren't jammed under pedal.My gas pedal actually stayed down both times when it made my butt pucker.


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I am betting that its the floor mats jamming you up. Take out the mat completely and drive it. Or the factory carpet is getting caught up. if not take it straight to the dealer.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
what aftermarket mats are you running? I have these in my car and never had any problems as they use the factory retention devices.
I went with lloyd all weather rubber mats. The reason why i went with lloyd is because they come with the hooks, for 2013 both with driver and passenger side
Possibly the throttle position sensor on the pedal?

Keep in mind if it ever does it again you can push the clutch in and just let the engine bounce on the rev limiter until you have it under control.
Here is the one's I had in mine.

In fact that is my car in the uploaded pics.


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Fomoco302 said:
I swear by Weather Tech floor liners. Plus the dealer put them in as part of the purchase deal.
I love Weather Tech mats. They snap on, and are molded perfect..

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