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Track goals for 2013

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I want to create this not only for myself but for others. The intent of this tread is to establish realistic goals and try to complete them. As you do you should update. Goals include a target lap time, attending a track you haven't been to, certain number of track days, etc.

My goals for this upcoming year are:

1. Either go to Sebring or Barber.
2. Continue working so i can get to Intermediate level.
3. 12 events minimum this year. One each month except for June, i have my 2 week duty in June and may not beable to attend a track event that month.
4. Get decent at heal-toe
5. Beat my buddies 1:51 lap time at CMP
Mine for 2013:

1. Attend first HPDE
2. Attend Track Attack
3. Run at Texas World Speedway, MSR (Cresson) and MSR (Houston)
4. Be able to run w/o instructor
Good idea. Here's my goals:

1. Have fun.
2. Go fast and be safe.
3. Have fun.
4. Do 10+ track days this year.
5. Have fun.

I don't keep lap times I'm just out having fun and going faster than the speed limit legally. ;D I use an instructor whenever one's available.
1. Transition to sport mode
2. Bolt on my forgeline wheels with the Hoosiers and learn slicks
3. More instruction...track attack April 5th with second day in the fr500s
4. Hoping to get the starlane lap timer/GPS for Xmas. So learning to use and learn from that
5. Shoot for 10 track days.
Keavdog said:
1. Transition to sport mode
Are you still running with TC on? Moving from TC to Sport is really not a big deal, just go for it after your first session of the morning. I transitioned to TC off late last season and to my surprise I didn't spin off the track and total my car. :) In fact I thought the car was faster and more in control with TC off. Just like Gary and Pete told me it would be. ::)


1. Don't trade paint (nothing else matters if we fail on this one)
2. Have fun
3. Improve smooth steering inputs
4. Shave a few seconds off lap times
5. Get a job again to pay for this habit--my retirement pay isn't enough!
Trying to be somewhat realistic as I still enjoy the car show scene with one of my other Mustangs...

1. run at least 6 track days this year
2. run AMP (already signed up for May)
3. run CMP again this year
4. run Road Atlanta for 1st time
5. most of all, HAVE FUN!
1. Stay on track at Spring Mountain
2. Get into the 1:40's at Laguna Seca
3. Get track wheels and tires
4. Make it to Thunderhill

EDIT... Just put a 25 lb aluminum driveshaft on my Super Duty pickup and removed the side discs for about the fifth time so...

5. Get an aluminum driveshaft
6. QTP Exhaust Cutouts

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Driver goals:
1. Drive smoother. Drive SMOOTHER. DRIVE SMOOTHER.
2. Coordinate brake release and turn-in better.
3. Ditto for gas / unwind / track-out.
4. Get better at trailbraking
5. Stop upshifting like a drag racer.
6. Try left foot braking again.
7. Drive Chuckwalla. Twice?
8. Get back to Laguna Seca - Beat 1:48 on stock tires or 1:45 on R comps.
9. Beat 1:30 at Streets of Willow with the GT on PSSs.
10. Drive one more new track.
11. Improve late in the day consistency/times.
12. Run Redline time attack later in the year.

Car goals:
1. Sort out suspension for GT.
2. Run R comps on Boss
3. Buy/plan purpose-built race car.
4. Sell/part-out drag racer.
I just want to get thru a Track Day in 2013 without any more Misfire Codes or Limp Mode popping up at 100+ MPH...

Oh, and not have to get ANOTHER replacement Engine from Ford Racing...

Everything else (Smoother, Faster, More Track Time, Better Tires & Brakes, etc) is just "Gravy" for me...


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Dial in car on new rear spring / adjustable front/rear swaybar combination.
Gut interior of car
Install full cage and fire system
Shakedown at MPH in September
Go racing and WIN
1) Have Fun!
2) Don't break anyting
3) Improve driving skills overall
4) Learn how to drive the Boss
5) Visit at least 2 new tracks this year


Lord knows I'm a Voodoo Child
Exp. Type
W2W Racing
Exp. Level
10-20 Years
Cookeville TN
1) Finish my Winter Mods II- seat install/harness install, Differential cooler install, brake fans, lower body paint and splitter installs and more decals of course.
2) sub 1:00 at Lime Rock Park- 4 days planned, at 1:02.86
3) Run Road America- already booked for end of June
4) Return to VIR- run sub 2:15- booked for Memorial Day weekend
5) Return to The Glen- hit 145 into the Bus Stop
6) Run NJMP, Pocono

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Smilieboy said:
Well i don't know what to do anymore, i beat my buddies time at CMP on the 28th.

It's not even 2013 yet! 8) So set a new goal for CMP?

Worked on my list today...did not accomplish this:
9. Beat 1:30 at Streets of Willow with the GT on PSSs.
But they switched the direction on us *and* ran the chicane for the first two sessions :(
This is a good one. Let's see.

1. Boss Track Attack in May.
2. Leave the Boss as is. No more mods. (Probably the hardest thing on this list)
3. Run the major Italian tracks. Imola, Mugello, Monza, Vallelunga, and the Nardo Ring. This is my last full year here so I have to take advantage of it.


1. Get into Advanced group in NASA and TrackDaze (currently solo-intermediate)
2. Attend SCCA event(s)
3. Go to NJMP
4. Buy trailer and haul car (June)
5. Better, more thorough video/data logging and analysis
6. 2:10 and better lap time at VIR full.
7. Not wreck

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