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Trouble Getting Rear Rotors off

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had a similar problem on my corolla.
used a long bolt, put it through the caliper mount hole. used a washer/nut and tightened the bolt. as you tighten the bolt, it pushes the rotor out. then you loosen, rotate the rotor and try again until its free. works best (and fast) if you have an impact gun.

now i've never worked on the mustang, not sure if they have an additional fastening system for the rotors.
to avoid the same problem, sand the hub of any rust and i put a dab of anti-seize before installing the new rotors. next time they'll slide of with ease.


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What you need to do is break the bond between the rotor and the axle. Usually, you can shake them loose by striking the rotor with a hammer between the studs. This will usually be all that is needed to loosen up the rotor.

If you are uncomfortable with using hammer that close to the studs, thread the lug nuts back on to protect the threads.

You don't need to wind up and beat the rotor with a big hammer. Hit the rotor a few times between a stud and then rotate the rotor bringing the next gap between studs to the top. Repeat until loose.

If you are replacing/junking the rotor. A more forceful method of striking the rotor brake surface can be used.

Good luck


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Also spray the interface where the hub meets the rotor with pb blaster or other penetrating lube and let it sit for 20-30 mins then hit em again
Well. The caliper is off the rotor. :eek:

Thanks for all the suggestions. What worked was using a brake piston compressor mounted at the rear caliper bracket. Puts the rotor under tension. Couple light taps on opposite side of rotor on front side and it comes free. I had also sprayed wd40 between the hub and rotor 30mins prior but not sure if it played a role.

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Glad you got it off...I've used a rubber mallet. I strike the edge of the rotor in the plane of the rotor, then knock it perpendicular if that doesn't do it.

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