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Very Sad-Passing of Roger Miller

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While the name may or may not strike a cord, but Roger is the son of Larry H. Miller, the founder of Miller Motorsports Park.
I was at MMP in 2010, had a chance to read Larry's book and learned a lot about his family. Very sad.
That's terrible news. His car finished in 11th place this weekend too and I assumed he was driving.

I met him briefly in Utah and he came across as a friendly, genuine, regular guy. He was very appreciative that I had come out so far to not only participate in Track Attack, but also to hang-out for the WC racing. Even if I hadn't met him, the Miller's are heroes to American motorsports and this is very sad news, indeed. May he rest in peace.

This is a photo I took in Austin earlier this year of Roger's car.
I too met him at Indy this month, he gave my wife and I a fan pack stuffed with stuff from his race team, We talked for 20 minutes or more.
I read DRIVEN about his family and they are one of a kind. Very giving.
I was shocked to see this and saddened for his friends and family.
I took a bunch of pics of his team located here>>>

Wow, did not see this until after posting about him in the racing section. It is a terrible loss, he was a soft spoken but very friendly guy. He did not like to be in the limelight but always was there to greet fans, what a shame.
That's terrible news. His car finished in 11th place this weekend too and I assumed he was driving.

Spoke with a friend, he heard Roger when to the hotel after the race and just passed away in his sleep :(

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Not a good year for supporters of Fords and Ford Racing. Let's pray this trend does not continue. We and especially the families have lost some wonderful fathers and true leaders of our hobby. RIP Roger, Godspeed and many prayers to his family and friends...

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