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Watson Racing Website and Retail Sales

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I talked to Patrick Lee @ Watson Racing earlier today to discuss the group buy on their new 4 point roll bar. After we finalized the details I asked him how long they've had a retail site. I think I've been on just about every Mustang oriented website on the globe and had never been to their site until about two months ago when Drew posted a link. Much to my surprise he said he thought it went live this past May and they are now focusing on more retail sales.

As most of you know they build the 302S/R and Cobra Jet race cars for Ford Racing (and who knows what else) along with some of the Ford Racing parts we've all purchased. I think it's great to have another source of not only parts but knowledge about the race cars to share with Boss 302 owners and probably GT350 owners when the Boss gets retired from racing. They also plan to make more of the 302S parts available in the near future and I wanted to share that with everyone. Here's a quote from Patrick that I don't think he'll mind me sharing:

"The Ford Racing gang are usually here daily, because of the current CJ builds and the upcoming 302S builds… so between them and us, it shouldn’t be too hard to get an answer on just about anything!"
During the Woodward Dream Cruise, we did a tour of the Watson facility, first class operation. Saw the roll cages and the Cobra Jet cars in various stages of completion, sorry no inside photos, their rules! And yes we honored their wishes.

For a young gear head this would be a great place to work.
I didn't realize that Watson Racing had an event at their facility on August 15th. I drive past that place a couple times a week! That explains all the Ford GT's that I saw running around my neck of the woods that week.

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