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Watson Roll bar LS RSD What would you do?

Rear seat delete with Watson 4pt

  • Trim the Original Boss LS pieces

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Buy the Watson Rear Seat Delete kit

    Votes: 1 100.0%

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I’m planning on installing a Watson 4pt in my 13 Boss LS. Once installed, I doubt I will remove it, so my question is should I trim the rear seat delete that’s already in the car or should I purchase the WR rear seat delete and save the original delete kit?

BTW the car is a one owner 37k mile in excellent condition. I tracked it once last year and I plan on running just a couple of events per year at most.


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Hmmm... I guess it dependes on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go! I think the Watson roll bar would be a welcome addition even in a car that goes to a few track days a year. Gives it a legitimate air!!
That’s the thing, I’m not going too far down the rabbit hole. I’ve been there done that! I want the bar For safety and install a harness and use a hans. I’m just not sure if I want cut up any Boss specific parts


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I would also save the original and buy the Watson. There is also some trimming that needs to be done on the side panels. A small cut at the bottom to clearance around the bar at the floor. I bought panels used from another member here and saved the originals. Since they are not Boss specific, you could find replacements easy enough.
Thanks guys! I have been going back and forth deciding what to do, I will save the original panels and rsd. Now it’s time to go spend some money
Buy replacements for the RSD parts that are modified. Best of both worlds. BTW, you can send your x brace to Watson to color match it to your roll bar...
DR3Z-6346612-BA Grey X brace

CR3Z-6360508-A Seatback/bottom panel

CR3Z-580374-A Seatback closeout panel

CR3Z-6363048-A Hardware kit

CR3Z-63601B30-AA Package tray caps ( 2 required)
Buy replacements for the RSD parts that are modified. Best of both worlds. BTW, you can send your x brace to Watson to color match it to your roll bar...
Yes like this.

Interesting that you can still get the individual parts from Ford, I thought about getting the filler panel behind the x-brace until I saw the price $321.00. I opted to buy the Watson kit along with the 4pt bar from Poe Motorsports instead.

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