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Wax and detail stuff

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Does anyone have any recommendations for waxes or any other form of cleaning supplies? Will it hurt the stripes to put wax on them, I don't want to wax it and mess everything up haha thanks.
Bay Area
here is what I use. SO far it has been great

I did some research on PPC and this is the answer I got from the manufacturer.

Use PERFECT DETAIL Spray Polish. It is a cleaner, polish, & UV protectant
all-in-one. And, the product is H2O based. So, PERFECT DETAIL is safe for
your Boss 302 with reflective stripes.



Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
are you talking about a 13 or 12? on mine I put zaino makes them glossier and fills in the minor swirls that the dealer installed for me by not knowing how to wash a car properly. Most people say not to wax the stripes. Been putting Zaino on mine since I got it will no ill side effects only positive ones. I think these are the best Wax & detail stuff for your car


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
chefron50 said: I think these are the best Wax & detail stuff for your car
Adams works ok. I use their full line As well. I find the zaino works better For the decals


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
I use Adams and Zaino too, can't go wrong with either brand. I really like the Zaino detail spray and sealant. Great stuff, water beads like no tomorrow.
I've tried alot of the niche names on my boss and I have really enjoyed dodo products. Somewhat pricey but you get some amazing results. I got some auto finesse products I think are going to take the number one spot I'll know better once I test them out on my fathers 2013 SL550. Another brand to try is wolfgang pretty solid products as well.
I use Duragloss 105 on mine.

As has been discussed on other forums, the Duragloss line is the same ingredients as Zaino made by the same place, just a lot cheaper.

I'm probably going to put a coat of Collinite 845 on top of the Duragloss come November to give me an extra layer of protection should I have to drive it in bad weather.
chefron50 said: I think these are the best Wax & detail stuff for your car

I agree. I keep my Boss spotless and the detail spray is the best. I have had many people come up to me and ask what I use. Only Adams products for me.
My method/combination is always changing...but my MO is as follows for a full detail:

Wash with non-scented dish soap like Dawn to remove old wax
Clay Bar
Rinse and Dry
Polish with orbital with an appropriate abrasiveness depending on the scratches, then polish again with a swirl-remover
Klasse All-In-One Polish
Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze (haven't tried this yet, will this spring for extra/glossy/wet look protection)
Wax (P21S)

I was recommended Klasse all-in-one and P21S by a friend. Love Klasse AIO to death, so I'm hoping the sealant will be be just as awesome. The wax is relatively light duty...its got the consistency of like Burts Bee's chapstick and wipes on, wipes off - it distinctly instructs not to let it cure for hours like usual wax. I can only assume that this wax doesn't stay on as long as those other waxes...but it looks great, repels water like crazy, and with Klasse sealant below it I'm not that worried about it.

Doing all of this takes me like an entire day...hence why I only go full-blown like this once a year. Every few months I'll wash, clay bar, and wax.

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