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Weight reduction

ArizonaGT said:
That's damn good for a non-adjustable setup.
Thanks that's what I thought too. Definitely happy with the results. I should also mention this was with the factory passenger seat removed. My main goal was to see what happened to the cross weights with it out to make sure it still made sense to pull it. It only moved the cross weight split 0.19% the wrong direction by pulling it, so out it goes for track days ;) It weighs about 50 lbs.
cloud9 said:
Nope. I'd consider moving the battery to the rear but not going to spend a ton to do it so not in any hurry.

I'm shocked to hear that with everything that you have invested already.
boss man said:
I'm shocked to hear that with everything that you have invested already.
LOL you have to draw the line somewhere at some point. There's really no end to what you can do and it all comes down to cost/benefit. Before you know it the 2015 will be out and it all starts over again ;D

302 Hi Pro

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patrickshelby said:
Anyone taking the A/C off?
I know taking the condenser away improves the cooling A LOT.
What about the weight of the compressor...?

IMO, removal of the complete A/C system would save a significant amount of weight save for the evaporator, which I would leave in place and seal the hose connections. Plus removal of the A/C lines, Compressor, Rec/Dryer, etc., removes weight from the front of the vehicle which should help with improved weight distribution.

The A/C condenser removal will improve air flow for the cooling system, especially if you have stacked an external oil cooler core.

Good luck with your mods,
302 Hi Pro


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
The Evap delete is probably more like 8-10 lbs. I've done it on my car.

I did it the "dirty" way without reconnecting any of the lines etc so I do get some codes but they do not seem to have any effect on performance.

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