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Keeping Your Wheel Weights On

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This is not so much a How To rather a tip to keep your wheel weights from flying off. I picked this up off the Boss forums myself but do not remember who posted it originally.

Start with the metal tape used on AC systems.


Cut to size and then wrap over the weights. The way I was told to do this is not to bend the tape around the weights, this may cause the tape to tear. Since I have been using this tip I have not lost a single weight.

Jza1736 said:
I believe I learned that one from cloud9. Good tip!

I was reminded to post this after seeing the tape on the Grand Am cars this weekend. Not sure if the tire changes are doing it or the teams themselves but it works well.
Jza1736 said:
I believe I learned that one from cloud9. Good tip!
I think it was ChuckP.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
I had this issue a lot with my Audi TTS, some things I learned:

1) All metal foil tape is not created equal. Some have higher temp ratings then others, over 300 degrees C.

2) Not all wheel weight adhesives are created equal. I found this to be more important than the metal foil. I use Perfect Equipment #200624 ( They are low profile and use a different adhesive than the typical 3M foam tape backing found at most repair shops.

It was only after using this combo did I totally stop losing wheel weights in the paddock.
Being in the aviation industry the general term for this metal tape is speed tape,..compared to heating and A/C metal duct tape is no comparison,....its actually used to help secure panels on comercial aircraft in a pinch and to protect composites panels with punctures from moisture, it can handle extreme speeds and extreme temp changes on the exterior of commercial would seem these teams would be using this kind of tape and not A/C and heat tape.

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