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Well...he ALMOST got away with it.

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Bay Area
After watching this a few more times I retract my statement about being fabricated and media BS. But I must say this guy is an idiot. The more I watch it the more I LOL.
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Couldn't have been so funny to the people in the cars he approached and passed. I hope they YouTube him as he loses his license too.
What a maroon! Most criminals are idiots, as this stunt (and being a felon in possession of a firearm) proves. As for the speeding part...there's a time and place for significantly exceeding the posted speed limit and doing it on a busy roadway -- and then posting it on YouTube -- isn't one of them. Again, moron!
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I don't think you can take this YouTube star wannabe at face value. The cars he's passing are going slower than he is and it's dangerous for sure, but I don't think he's going remotely as fast as he claims he is.
8,275 we'll have some social justice crybaby screaming for speed limiters like they are adopting in the Europe. Clearly, the cops didn't get a read on his speed or they would have never let him go.....only stupid people get away with things like that.

Bill Pemberton

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Major idiot ------ wonder if he's ever seen the damage a deer does at 100mph and of course in the evening his vision is so friggin acute -not!
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I was going to work yrs back a little after 5 in the morning and a deer came running right across me and totaled the front of my '87 Olds Cutlass. I was just getting on the highway doing less than 50 MPH but the damage was done.I was able to get back home and take my Crown Vic to work...but no sign of that deer back on the highway...either he shook off that hit or ended up in the back of a truck as somebody's road kill dinner..................

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