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What a Crappy day hydrolocked the beater

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
On the way to work today its was down pouring here in the hampton roads area really bad. well I get all the way on base and the road right inside the gate is flooded. Against my better judgment I proceed to drive through it thought it was only 6 inches was more like 18 almost made it through but a guy going the other way in a big van thought it would be cool to cause a 2 foot wake to go over my car. It locked right up there in almost two feet of water. Two guys were nice enough to push me to dry ground. I checked the oil....there is water in it. I then pushed it 4 blocks to a parking spot. Going to get a ride to my house so I can get tools. Plan is to pull the plugs crank it over get the water out. Put new plugs/oil and oil filter in it, cross my fingers and turn it over.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
It fired up and it runs just now has a check engine light it idles at 3000rpms. It started pouring rain again so I called it quits. First guess is vacuum leak. Second is MAP sensor.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
askjeffro said:
Try some Zaino on the block, might help.

Ok seriously, sorry and goodluck.

hahaha, I was waiting for someone to throw that out there! good luck with the beater!


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
ace72ace said:
Bump... Does the beater live??
well it starts. havent gotten the motivation to work on it. makes it hard cause its 25 min drive away and on a navy base. I will get to it at some point lol

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