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What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

Yep, I'll do a lower bracket in the same way as shown in the DIY thread - attaching to the splitter mounting tabs/boxes/points on the tubular bumper. Meanwhile, the project has ground to a halt, because just when I thought I had everything sorted, my oil temp sensor is too long for the new oil filter adapter thingy. Now Hulk wants to smash. So, are there shorter sensors that fit? Are there better adapters? Do I just need to get my oil temp from somewhere else?


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I just ran across this same problem with my trans cooler, and I'm still having a little tantrum about it! I relate this strictly in the interest of having other people avoid this issue.
It was a Derale oil temp gauge and sender, and they make an -8AN fitting with a 1/8" pipe thread for the sender. Problem is it bottoms out in the -8AN fitting long before it gets anywhere near binding threads, and even if it didn't bottom out the thing blocks the oil flow by at least 75%. I asked Derale specifically about this issue before I bought their junk and they assured me it would fit and it would not block flow, which was absolute bullhist. So I ended up making a dog's breakfast of fittings to get it at least near the oil flow. Not sure how useful it will be but better than nothing. I will not trust Derale for anything after this. Most telling was after I reported this to Derale I got crickets back. Not a good sign.
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Hi, I'm new here. I drooled over a set of Boss 302 shocks I'm going to be getting from a coworker. pretty excited.
Enjoy the shocks. Welcome to TMO! Complete your vehicle profile (build sheet) so we can see details about your car.

I usually visit your area each year to attend the Thunder over Michigan airshow at Willow Run airport. A good number of P-51 Mustangs are usually in attendance. Including Roush's own "Old Crow."

Getting a burger at Culver's is an added bonus.

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