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What should I do?

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I go on leave from Afghanistan first week of September and I purchased a bunch of mods for my Boss with the plans of installing them during my two weeks off from this deployment. I was going to spend a few days at the Nurburgring, and a day or two at the Hockenheimring after I installed all of the mods. I have taken the car to the track in stock form before but I was planning on testing and tunning the car during my time off and installing all the mods, sounds like fun right...Well, my wife doesn't really agree with my plans. She is going back to school and will not be able to join me in Germany where I am currently stationed, hence why the Boss is there. Here is my question: Do I go to Germany and spend my R&R with the Boss or with my wife in South Carolina while she is in class every other day? This is a hard decision...what do you guys think?


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Go home and see your lady. You are over there fighting for what is important, what is most important to you? She probably worries sick every day, think of her face when you get off of the plane. Leave 3 days early and hit the Ring with the Boss stock.
Good luck and thanks for the service.
You guys are a bunch of wimps. Come on Nurburgring and Hockenheimring? Germany of course.

(My wife just walked into the room and is looking over my shoulder) Definately spend time with your wife back in the states.
Well , My wife really doesn't agree with my plans. :'( Strike TWO. You know damn well what you need to do, so just do it . Strike ONE was when you mentioned it to her. Thanks for your service, She will thank you to.
Bay Area
Tough choice. I suggest she ditches class for a few days and meets you in Germany. But if that doesnt happen then go make the wife happy and do what is right. Then leave early and play with your other love.
Dude I feel your pain, but like everyone else stated..."go and be with the wife"! I know when she's in class all day and you are sitting around, it's going to be hard not to think about your Boss, but in the long run, you will know you made the right decision...LOL

I use to see questions on a motorcycle forum asking questions similar to this. Most times they would question his masculinity, or tell him grow a pair. I compared it to going into a bar and asking those there if he should drink. But in this case these guys are giving you excellent advice, so listen to them. Us guys love our toys, they can be bought and sold. But a good woman you should treasure.


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When you've been downrange for 6 months... You're not going to be thinking about coming home to your car. You'll be ready for some quality time with your wife!
cloud9 said:
PeteInCT said:
cbj5259 said:
Always remember this saying: Happy wife, happy life.

+1, big time....
Yep. Think of it as a long term investment. I always picked the wife when we were younger and now she goes along with me on track days. The net = more track days ;D

Mine won't go the track and if she stays nearby she nags me about coming back at the end of the day, so I leave her home. I am jealous of the guys that are at the track with their ladies. There is nothing cooler than watching a hot chick climb around her trailer to strap down her track car. ;)
Hard choice. Can you post a picture of both the car and the wife?
On one hand, driving the car, you will be missing your wife. On the other hand, about three and one-half minutes after being home with your wife, you will be thinking about that car. On one hand, the Boss is a limited-production car, and women are everywhere. On the other hand, the divorce judge WILL order the sale of the Boss to split the family wealth.

A picture sure would help me to offer the best advice. :)

The Boss hands down (but really the wife).

You guys got all serious on this one, he is only asking so we would all tell him to go work on the Boss, this is not a forum about pleasing your spouse - right :p

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