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What to use to protect autographs

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I had Parnelli Jones autograph my fuse box cover along with a few other Boss Drivers.
What should i use to protect them. Rattle can matte clear coat? or what do you think?
If it was me, I would buy a new cover (can't be expensive) and store or display the autographed one. I wouldn't want to subject it to all the heat in there. And anything you spray might crack, de-laminate and lift the signature, or dissolve or discolor it. You could still take it out for car shows and it will always stay clean. I would definitely test-spray some other plastic in there first and see what happens to it as it ages and bakes.
Grant 302 said:
^My thoughts exactly. I have his signature on an Airaid intake and I wouldn't leave it on for anything but show.
Mine's on all the time and so far it's holding up fine.
Yeah, it's a tough one.
I got my bike tank signed and was going through a mission on figuring out how to protect it. Originally wanted to clear coat over it but the answer I got was if they didn't prep the surface (clean and sand it) the clear could fisheye and/or flake off. So option 2:
Thought about getting a piece of clear 3m to put over it but have been told the ink can get sucked up into the plastic and it can also yellow. Soooooo........ I left it bare and will enjoy it till it fades out I guess.
I suggest getting another cover as well.

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