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Wheel Balancing Weights Coming Off

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I am having a problem keeping the balancing weights on my Enkei wheels once the wheels get hot on the track. The guy doing my balancing said that the clip on weights will not work on the Enkei wheels. Is there a different adhesive that I should be using that can withstand the heat?
Two layers of high temp METAL A/C duct tape has always worked for me on both my Porsche and Boss. The trick is to form the tape nicely around the weights but not so tight that the weight cuts through the tape. I have NEVER lost a double taped weight (but have had single taped weights break through the tape). Some people like "gaffer's" tape which I have never tried. One advantage of gaffer's tape is I think it's black. Metal A/C tape stands out like a sore thumb on black wheels. No big deal on track only wheels but my Boss is also street driven with the same wheels. I solved the shiny metal tape problem with flat black spray paint.
Great idea, I will give Metal A/C duct tape a try. Someone else at the track mentioned this as well, although had not actually tried it. Thanks for your help!

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