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who has the lowest production number?

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I believe 2012Boss, Scott, has 0006. Someone has 0001 and LS001. I think the best numbers to have outside 0001 or LS001 would be 0302, 1969 and LS302. I'll be happy with any number as long as it's not over 2000 since I have a Q2 build. I'd be happy with 2012 as well.
Fenderaddict2 said:
I want to know who got car number 302, and what colour is it?

My car is #315 and I had a build date of 3/22. So my guess is 302 was built on the 21st or 22nd. So close but yet so far. Just as well anyway. I would of had to sell that one and wait for another one. I'm not a collector, I'm a Driver. ;D
We are trying to keep track of all cars. If you guys will PM me with the details (number, VIN, options, color and stripe color) that would be great. I will not make VIN's public for now. If you never what it public just say so and if the day does come with a complete pubilc list I will not publish it. Pics of the intake would be great to verify the car.

Email [email protected] or PM at TMS

So far there is 2 (checking into that one) 4,6,7,9 and 11 there.

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