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your going to run into my boss

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hey guys last night while in a parking garage while i was gone some one left me a nice scratch on my car for me to weep over. just wondering if you guys can give me a estimate on how much it will be? thank you


Hard to say, but generally "more than you expect". :eek:
What color paint do you have? Where is the scratch? How big is it? Is the body panel dented?


Well, if there's no body dent and it's a superficial scratch some expert "might" be able to touch it up, but with GHIG that process is long and requires numerous layers of delicately dabbed paint.

GHIG I believe is a tri coat and/or has pearl in it. If it requires repainting, the pearl alone is like $50 for a small couple ounce bottle. They will do a wider area to blend it and it will take a couple days. Just let your insurance cover it. Good luck!
They probably realized they just hit a boss and dipped. I was so pissed i looked at every car in the parking lot for some green paint on it i could have litteraly killed someone. But i put some tar removal on it and took his paint off and it revealed that there was inly one major scratch all the rest is touch up or can be buffed out. Hope its all less the 3 or 400. Was hoping to buy sine parts this month:( ill try to post a pic and tell you what. The estimate is.

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