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Your's look like this?

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So, I'm installing my MGW shifter last night. While under the car, I just happened to look back at the exhaust and lookie what I see..........
Sorry for the huge pics. I resized them on Photobucket but for some reason they resize didn't apply when I posted the pics. No clue.
Anyway, I had the Boss @ the local dealer Mel Hambelton Ford a few months ago to fix some transmission issues. The car was there for 3 or 4 days waiting on parts. I finally pick the car up from the dealer, drove the few miles home and don't drive it again for a week or so. When I did drive it again, I noticed a terrible exhaust leak. Wasn't really noticeable when I picked it up from the dealer but on a cold start, wow, was it noticeable. I take it back and leave it for the day. The service writer calls and says they need to order a part, come pick the car up and they will call me when the part is in. Not sure why they needed to order parts but oh well. I pick the car up the same day and the exhaust leak is worse than it was when I dropped it off!!!??? If I had to guess, I'd say the tech hammered the hell out of the bolts hoping to seal off the leak and f'd something else up! After a few days, the part comes in and it gets installed and everything is fine. At least that's what I thought until last night......
normal huh... well that's f'n crazy. Sure looks beat to hell. Thanks for the replies.... Glad I didn't go off on a service writer or anything.


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They look like that because the same part is used on both sides. One needs to be flushed down for ckearance . The other us just the same part upside down. Its not an issue.

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