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2013 Mustang V6 Profile

2013 Mustang
V6 HPDE/Track -  (Black Panda)

Black Panda

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
Mods - Handling
Fortune Auto 500, Mustang GT rotors, 18x10 XXR -36 offset, Nankang NS-2R 200tw tires (285 35/ R18), Poly bushings all around with spherical diff bushing. BMR rear control arms.
Update (1/6/22) 4 piston brake calipers.
Update (11/2/22) - 3.31 gear installed, spherical everything at the rear axle (may go back to stock trailing arms since it appears by testimony of a few TMO members here that they don't net much at the track for a noob like me), new RT-660s, improved anti-squat (allegedly dropped from 177% to 71% measured by the sophisticated me), disabled Advancetrac, and raised rear by 30mm to improve weight distribution (and also because driveshaft was rubbing against lower shifter components).
Mods - Power
Tune, CAI and Borla Atak. Stock everything else. Ok, so ran car on dyno and it makes 273 on a dynojet. I plan to reach the low 300 by next year with a few mods. The ever beautiful pink-colored Dominator Amsoil Engine Oil (such a wonderful sight to behold when I pour it)!
Update 11/2/22 - Made a power flush of the cooling system back in February with Degreaser and Citric Acid. It was surprising that I collected about 2-3 oz of scale at the end of the 2 day long cleanup process. I will also be giving Water wetter a shot and collect data to see how much it drops temperatures.
Mods - Exterior
Cervini Hood, Boss 302 tow hook
Mods - Interior
Maximum Motorsports bolt-in roll cage, Corbeau FX1 seats, RCI 5/6 point harnesses, Morosso 3L oil accumulator
Background & Plans
Car was bought wrecked from the back. It has been repaired but needs a paint job, hence the name, which was suggested by @raidernixon . Turning it into a fun little track car.
At the moment I am getting more comfortable with late braking accompanied with trail braking to rotate into a turn. Car has almost stock rear end so I struggle to exit strong on tight turns. I will try no rear sway bar next HPDE event. At the moment I can hang with new Caymans within the same run group! That makes me feel accomplished...for now.
I am finding out I don't need much camber, maybe -2 or -2.5, I am running -3.2 or so in the pic. I use a level and measuring tape to determine camber, which may not be the best way to do it. Take with grain of salt as I have not taken tire temps or tire wear seriously yet.
(Update 1/17/22) Ok, ran ~-2.5 degrees of camber and got sidewall wear, back to 3.2 it is.
Update 11/2/22 - If things pan out, test and drive car on TDE HPDE at MSR Houston. Work on line, collect data through AIM Solo, and understand car behavior since quite a few things changed since my last track event in Jan. 2022. And last, but not a must-do goal, I would love to drop at least 4 seconds off my PB; I know it is possible after having studied which sections I am loosing time at and concluding that the new rubber should net me 2 seconds.

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