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2012 Mustang V6 Profile

2012 Mustang
V6  (Blue Beast)

Blue Beast

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
Mods - Handling
Koni Yellow's
J&M CC Plates
SR Springs
Boss 302 Strut Brace
BMR Poly LCA's
BMR LCA Relo's
BMR Poly Adj. Panhard Bar
BMR Poly Motor Mounts
BMR Rear Sway Bar Links
BMR Gen 1 S197 Front Sway Bar
Soon to be 302R steering rack and Ford Racing front arm bushings
4 Pot Brembo's
Gloc R16/R10
SVE Drifts 19x9.5 with 275 RS4's
Mods - Power
73mm TB
Ported Intake Manifolds
Ceramic Shorty Headers
Borla ATAK
MPT 91 Tune
RAM HDX Clutch
Fidanza 12# Flywheel
DSS Aluminum One Piece Drive Shaft
3.73 Rear Gear
Mods - Exterior
Boss 302 Front Bumper with brake cooling ducts
Saleen Grille
GT500 Rear Diffuser
Full PPF and Ceramic Coated
Mods - Interior
MGW Race Spec
Calimer Stage 2 MT-82
GT500 Steering Wheel
Blue on Black Cue Ball Shifter Knob
Recaro S197 Mustang Seats
Background & Plans
This was my first car - what an epic first car it has been. I ordered it from Ford back in college, specifically looking for a Grabber Blue V6 Manual (couldn't afford a 5.0.... college. That said, the 3.7 has NOT disappointed. Very similar power as a 3V especially with the better gearing afforded by the MT82). I took the mods slowly and steadily ever since the car cracked 1K miles back in late 2011 when it was still my daily, and was up until about 2017. It is now more of a weekend/funday car, with HPDE and AutoX thrown in often.

Definitely looking to hone and improve my driving skills as I previously was not pushing the car anywhere near 9/10's. That has only started recently with the advent of the Super GT Cup time trial series which has really helped me up my driver mod. It has been an extremely enjoyable journey, and I couldn't have asked for a better first car!

Also - I was featured on The Smoking Tire a couple years back. Car was mostly as it sits today, minus the RS4's, Gloc's, calimber trans, lightweight flywheel/clutch, Recaro's, and likely some other things. Was pretty fun, and it was awesome that Matt was genuinely impressed with the car.

Also - to clarify, I didn't name my car, that would be pretty self righteous or something like that. One of my best friends from high school gave it that name back in college when I got it, can't change it now ;).
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