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My Other Favorite Car, The Porsche 911

Specs & Mods

Porsche 911 Carrera S Sport
Mods - Handling
I upgraded the brake rotors with two piece Girodisc rotors. I installed 997.2 Turbo S front rotors which allowed me to run 991 GT3 front brake pads with my stock calipers. This increased the pad surface area by approximately 30% for added heat dissipation. The rotors are also 10MM larger in diameter front and rear. Surprisingly there was only about one pound weight savings per rotor. The PASM Sport option adds the same lowered more track oriented suspension as the 911 GTS.
Mods - Power
I installed a SOUL Performance valved center exhaust. The stock 911 has two side mounted mufflers and one center muffler. The SOUL exhaust removed the center muffler so when selected it's completely open after the cats. It doesn't sound like a GT3 but it's close.
Mods - Exterior
I removed the factory active spoiler and installed a factory Duck Tail.
Mods - Interior
I have an integrated Beltronics radar detector with sensors mounted in the front grille, visual display in the rearview mirror, and control mounted in the center console.
Background & Plans
My favorite cars since I was a kid are Mustang and the 911. I owned my first 911 when I was 23 years old. The Porsche's I've owned are: 1977 911 S Talbot Yellow, 1980 911 SC Weissach Edition Metallic Black, 2014 C2S Porsche White. The Mustangs I've owned are: 2012 Boss 302 Kona Blue and 2016 GT350 Race Red.

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