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  1. NOCstang

    S550 w/ MagneRide "bumpstop tuning" for SCCA Solo FS class

    Does anyone have experience in SCCA Solo F-Street "tuning" with alternate bump-stops on the MagneRide shocks?Curious to hear your findings. Some other street class competitors swear by changing bump-stops (within the rules, ie: same or shorter, any durometer).
  2. Bill Pemberton

    Look forward to seeing some of you at the SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska!!

    On my way over to the Nationals site later this morning as my son and I run Thursday and Friday. Hope to see some of you there and I know I will see DaveW ( ) as he will likely be mounting a new set of Hoosier A7s for my son on his 2006 Silver EVO 9. I will be Ye Ole...
  3. Vinnie

    2017 Mustang GT novice weekend autocross warrior

    So, I’m hoping to one day be as involved as plenty of you are. I do autocross and track sprint. I want to slightly lower my GT a user either the FRPP dampers or a similar. I’m thinking a great choice for the springs it’s still the bmr sp083r. I should also add the bump stops and hardware. i...
  4. Proto

    SIR Autocross

    Went and found a second region to run autocross with. Southern Indiana Region guys. First time out at their place today. Little different flow than I was used to but it went well.At Rantoul, we normally start first car off at 9:30 and do a morning heat of 5 runs. Then the afternoon we would...
  5. Mlehnert623

    Rearend ratio upgrade???

    Hi all!I have a 2008 Roush 427R, supercharged 4.6, with 3.55's in the rear. Unfortunately, I have recently discovered that both my rear axles are bent and need to be replaced. Since the dealership will have the rear diff open, do you think its work upgrading from a 3.55s to a 3.73s?My...
  6. Massimo

    Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets - Are they SCCA Autocross Legal?

    Hey guys! I'm absolutely brand new to both autocross and this forum. In advance, I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong category. I'm planning to attend this autocross and run my car this September and for the rest of this year.I currently own a 2013 Mustang 5.0 with Koni yellows, Steeda...
  7. KonaBoss

    2012 Boss 302 Build

    Hey all,Have been lurking around this forum for a couple of years now, all I can say is thank you to all the members that post on this forum! I have learned a ton from here, and have (hopefully) applied what I have learned to my build up that I'm about to begin.As of right now, my boss is...
  8. Bill Pemberton

    Openings for the Mustang Roundup!!!

    Chatted with George Anderson today and there are still some openings for the Mustang Roundup in Hastings, Ne. next week. Some folks had to cancel as they were unable to attend due to all the weather calamities around the US, so get signed up now , as this is a " Bucket List " Event!!Go to...