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  1. Ilghar

    S550 Cooling?

    What cooling upgrades do I REALLY need? Bigger radiator? 10R80 trans cooler? Engine oil cooler? Diff cooler? All of the above?I noticed I can probably barbecue a whole chicken in the front wheel wells, fender vents?Time attack purposes, the tracks are small to medium , from 3 to 3.6 km, with...
  2. Massimo

    MT-82 Trans Will Not Enter Engine All the Way! About a 1/2" gap

    Hey folks, I'm having some serious trouble mating my transmission to my engine. Here's the backstory: OEM clutch overheated a few weeks ago so I'm upgrading to McLeod RXT twin disc unsprung hub + McLeod billet steel flywheel (part # 6435825M). Since I'm in the trans, I'm replacing pilot bearing...
  3. Keags5.2

    GT350 Motor/Trans Mount issue?

    Had to replace my transmission extension housing recently (long story). To do this I had to remove the trans brace and the remove the driveshaft in order to lower the rear of the trans to get it low enough. Had to also disconnect the shift linkage and shifter arm. After i got everything together...
  4. Curious about installing an automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

    I have been thinking that it is time for a new transmission in my 2013, and I am pretty much deadset on keeping it manual. Or at least I thought I was and then I got to thinking how hard it would be to swap an auto in and mount some paddle shifters in. So my question is, would it be worth or...
  5. v8 snake

    gt350 transmission and warranty problem

    short story: I track my 2018 gt350, not racing nor time event. Nothing was done to the trans (Just FP knob). I have a 5th gear grinding, took it to the dealership, and they denied my warranty for racing. 2 months later (second track event after gear grinding), the transmission overheated in 10...
  6. GBoss7500

    MT-82: Durability w/McLeod RXT Clutch?

    Hi all,I recently installed a Mcleod RXT twin-disc in my 2012 Boss 302. I’m very happy with the much improved engage/disengage at high rpm and easier shifting. No issues with driveability – some adjustments to my driving style when pulling away from a stop and it’s smooth enough.I'm...
  7. GT350 Tremec TR3160 Transmission

    GT350 Tremec TR3160 transmission out of 2016 tech pack. Transmission has ~5620 miles on it. Excellent condition; never been tracked and was not beat on. I'm selling because I upgraded to transmission that had cooler. Will bolt to a coyote.Looking for $2700 but will entertain reasonable offers...