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1:24 Scale Boss 302 Diecast

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Recently I was searching to see if anyone has created a Diecast for the new 2012 Boss Mustang and I came across this site below. Now from what I can tell is the only color option is the red and black combo.....hopefully they make others.

This is a good small replica of any new owner to go with the real toy! Enjoy!!
302BOB said:
The offer stated " Reserve Now for 08/15/11 Shipment", so we'll have to wait til then before we start whining.

That didn't stop those that had 4th quarter builds from whining 3 months ago that they didn't have any info on their cars! ;)

Whine away!! ;D
ufnavy06 said:
It wouldn't be a Boss if there wasn't a delay or "material hold." ;D
Sad but true. I hope they come out with the other colors soon.
I actually emailed that Fairfield site yesterday to confirm the color and get some additional pictures. I haven't had any reply so I'm holding off for now.

I did get a Franklin Mint 1969 Red and Black 1:24 recently so I could have matching original and new to sit on my full size at auto shows some day, so I'm very interested to know if this Fairfield offering is a good one.
Update - I just got a reply from the Fairfield site as follows:

Hi,We currently only carry this item in red. The only picture available is the one on the website (which is also in our catalog). Thank you
Ok folks - here's the specifics (as much as seems available) on the 1:24 Boss diecast offered at Fairfield collectables:

Manufacturer: Maisto
Looks from Maisto web site that their model is available in Orange and Blue, but not Red (?)

Will be very interested to hear from those of you who ordered one or more what you think of them.

I see nothing yet about a 1:18 scale out there.
My 13 year old son just presented me with a R/C Boss 302 in CO with BS and mostly correct wheels. Made by Bigtime Muscle. Windows are solid... so can't tell if they are the recaro's :)

A bit larter than 1:18, but not much.

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