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'12/'13 Boss 302 vs. '12/'13 GT 500 Recaros

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Are the seats the same (frame, padding, shape, etc.) - just different covers between these car seats? ie: Will the GT500 Recaro seat covers work on the Boss 302 seats? I'm of mind to switch to leather and save the originals for my kid when he gets the car someday. I have 12,000 miles on my car, and my cloth Recaro seat covers aren't gonna be worth spit in another 12,000. Really disappointed in how these are failing to hold up. Figure leather gives me a fighting chance. Just don't want to order the GT500 seat covers if they don't fit the Boss seats - but in photos, they look the same. Any opinions or expert analysis out there?

All Recaro seats are the same dimensions. Any "Recaro" cover should be fine.

For the seat back Ford Parts lists them under part number 64416 for the GT, BOSS, and GT500. There is a Right Hand and Left Hand version.
For the seat cushion cover For Parts lists them under part number 62900 for the GT, BOSS, and GT500.

I am sure if you contact Recaro, they would be able to produce a leather cover with the BOSS 302 logo as in the original covers. If you do, please post what they are asking price wise for it to be done.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
The leather covers for one side are about $1,200 for the seat back and $900 for the seat (bottom).

~$4,200 total for just the covers at Tousley.

The Boss logo seat back cover is about $9xx. I'd go the warrantee route...
Thanks guys. :)

I've actually already had the driver's side seat back cover replaced under warranty at about 1500 miles due to a hole rubbed into the cover by the seat belt (shoulder area)( I could go that route again, but this fabric just isn't built to last. LOVE my car! Recaros, though comfy and I get it with why we have the fabric, are the biggest letdown of the car. Also, dealership replacing one cover under warranty was a nightmare. Broke my seat, had to replace seat rail parts, gouged my inner door panel, had to replace that, broke my center console, had to replace that. They tried to give it back to me in that condition too. Kind of beat me down to try warranty route again and let those knuckleheads inside my interior. Would just rather get some leather and do it myself.


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