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13 boss 302 issue/ problem.

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When driving my 13 boss 302 at speeds of 50-60mph I hear a wobbling/variable humming noise coming from the rear driver wheel. I took it into the dealership for service and the tech said that it's the uneven wear on the tire. There appears to be little to no wear on my tires.
Could it be a defective wheel bearing and does anybody else have this issue?
Try switching rear tires to see if noise changes to other side. Never heard of bad bearings

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builtarmyofone said:
Try switching rear tires to see if noise changes to other side. Never heard of bad bearings
That's a great idea. There have been axle bearings that have gone bad and Torsen diffs that have gone bad. Have them look at it again.


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The Ford 8.8 has always been one if the things that I don't like about my beloved Mustang. The outer bearings inner race is the axle itself and when these start to go, they howl and the fix is to replace the bearing and axle as a unit which gets pricey. Not sure if the Boss/Torsen has any beefier bearings but I have been through outer bearings and axles and pinion bearings in my 1995 GT and also had the same issue in my old 1984 GT350 mustang which had a 7.5 inch dif which I swapped to an 8.8 which also started to wear out. I do notice that the rear end on my 2013 makes more noise when i turn off the radio and close the windows but I haven't noticed any grinding, wobbly or other noise which indicates a bearing failure in 22000 miles.

I have noticed though that the stock Pirellis have started to get harder and are making more noise and not as good traction as when they were new. i accept this as tires that will need replacement soon and am looking forward to some new BFG tires...

Swapping the tires around might not change the behavior if it is the original Pirellis wearing out even if they have tread left. They just start to get hard and separate. How many miles?
I currently have 27,000 miles on my car. I haven't had the time to swap tires yet, will do it next week and post the results. I have a feeling it's the bearing, not sure yet. Thanks

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