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1st run down the 1/4

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My car is bone stock so I decided to see what she does. We ran last night at Lone Star (Hennessy's track) in Sealy, TX. Conditions were really good (65 degrees, track still warm) but I was still having issues. First run of the night was 12.9 @ 112 MPH, followed up by a 13.0 @ 115.5 MPH. Ran another 3-4 times, but couldn't get any better than 12.8 @ 112.5 MPH. Traction was definitely an issue through first and second gear. Best 60' was 2.10.

I'm not too dissapointed, because I didn't buy the car with the intention of drag racing.

My buddy ran his bone stock 2012 GT/CS (5-speed) at 12.8 @ 113 MPH, but he is a much better drive than I am.


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sounds like some good air. your mph is right were mine was when I ran 12.22's with a 1.7 60'. this was in horrid air and no track prep. I think with some practice you can get those 60's under 1.90's on street tires. and should cut a 12.4-12.5 on street tires. I have seen others run 11.7's all stock on slicks. my goal is 11.49's with no engine mods. just doing the driveshaft, lower control arms and some slicks and I think I can do it with the right air and track temps.
MakeMyDay said:
What setting did you have for the rear? Did you try adjusting down to improve weight transfer to rear at launch?

Only thing I did was lower back tires to 25 PSI.

No red key yet.

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