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2012 Boss drive line being modified results.

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Ok, so far I have the mgw with heat shield, aluminum driveshaft, driveshaft loop, adjustable upper control arm and heavy duty bracket, lower control arms and relocation brackets. So far from what I have done is slowly get this car the way it should be from the start the stock upper control arm has a huge rubber bushing you can actually move it by hand real easy, any direction, it's JUNK ontop of it is a real JUNK bracket looks like a lawn mower company might have made these two parts, they are JUNK the lower control arms from what I remember are supposed to be better than the gt5.0? well if they are then I feel bad for the gt owners cause it's also JUNK my driveline is so quiet now. I can hear any transmission, clutch, or rear end noise and let me say the trans seems good the clutch seems good the rear end kinda noisy but we shall see when I get a chance to max it out for a long distance how it holds up, but the clutch slave cylinder is JUNK from what I can tell as for noise after removeing the JUNK assist spring, I can feel the clutch way better kinda like it should have been from the start. I seem to feel the throwout bearing and that tells me it's well JUNK now on the good side ;D With the new parts the car hooks and goes and does what you want it to. The lower control arms are great looking and add that race car performance to the car for DAMN sure. The upper control arm and bracket rids every single bit of wheel hop and rear end float. The lower control arm relocation bracket is set to its lowest point for the best performance I could get and I am very happy with the results. The driveshaft, well all I can tell is it makes no noise ;D thats great.
Lower , upper control arms and brackets - steeda
driveshaft loop - bmr
Driveshaft (that does not vibrate ;D) - dss
Ha thought that was pretty good myself ;D I am a tool maker in medical so anything made it kinda analized by me as I look at it and after getting the car back yesterday I just could not help but give my real opinion on those parts since I do remember all the hype of how the boss is built then taking the upper control arm in one hand and being able to move it around leike a chep piece of rubber knowing that thing is just floating around while driving cant be to good for handling :'( But on the other hand second I got a chance to look at the lower control arm and well no different direction there either. The next time I go to buy a car thats says it's a track car I am going to just get under it and let them know what parts they can go ahead and take off and keep ;D No man great car mine is just greater :eek: ;D
Take a breath man, too much drama. Like trying to read the transcript of three speed freaks discussing a video game. Too much work.

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