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2012 F1 Season

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Anyone else out there catch the first race in Melbourne? I haven't been watching F1 much the past couple of years but I'm going to try and get back into it since the US now has a race. The Austin facility looks like it should be spectacular. I won't go this year but I might go next year.

Did anyone see the in-car camera action for a full lap right before the start of the race? It's amazing how fast the F1 cars are, it almost looked like they sped up the video. Amazing. The race wasn't too boring with a few crashes and even a couple of passes. :eek:
I didn't catch the race. My DVR is set to record them, but I guess it got bumped before I got home from Vegas. F1 is great to watch. No ovals! ;D

Seriously I think I watched all of them last year. It's good to see Austin on the official schedule. I was beginning to wonder... ::)
I am pretty excited about tonight's race, considering how Schu qualified. I am a total Schumacher fanboy ;D

If your kids have Forza for the xbox, try using one of the regular cars then one of the high end racecars. The difference is pretty big. I can't even stay on the track with the fast ones.

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