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2013 Boss 302 Dyno - AED 8100RPM

Mods - AED 93 tune w Lope Idle, MRT- Offroad pipe with side outlets - Steeda CAI
412/361 SAE

By the way, STD on this dyno reads lower than SAE on most other dyno's.

Here is a Zr1 on the same dyno at 496rwhp

ive spun min up to around 8400 already. has a real nice sound around that area...

and i cant wait to hear it now with all the long tubes..
That's a big fat powerband from around 5,500 to 8,000 RPM's. Sweet. ;D
4th or 5th gear pull?

I requested 5th gear.. So, I'm pretty sure it was 5th. That said, a Zr1 stock dynoed 498 and 529 on the same dyno. This dyno reads low even though it's STD and not SAE.... Below is an example... I'd get a compression check.. lol! Check 32 sec
Justin said:
nice. from the curve not much reason to pull the car any higher in the rpm as it falls off starting around 7500.

I was thinking same thing, why spin that high while losing power. Just stressing the motor to show it can rev. Just my opinion.
Based on trans gear ratio's you want to shift where Pre-shift HP is the same as Post-shift HP. This gives the most AVG power thru the given gear possible.

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