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2013 BOSS - Assembly Videos

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Propilot- your living the dream. thx for posting links and other related pix of your SG 2013 BOSS302. wonder if you and the owner of the 1of1 RC 2013 BOSS302 will cross paths? that would be quite a photo op. on another thread you mention you will try to attend several car shows... do you have Ford Nationals in Carlisle PA on your schedule (6/7-9/13)? if so see you there, Happy 2K13!
WOW! they really gave you everything with your car, that's awesome.
I look forward to the snow melting away so i can see it in person and hear your story. My friend is the photographer at the gun club you go to and mentioned you showing up with your car.
Propilot said:
For your viewing pleasure...a few videos of my BOSS being assembled...
Engine Decking:
First Engine Start:
First Drive: (Funny, the guy outside the car says "That's my car" and the driver says "I hope it is"... I was the actual winner.)

I would be curious to see how you got this accomplished? It must be a great story indeed....

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