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2013 GT500 in the 9's already!!!

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Saw this on stang tv man I wish I could afford one of these
Other than sc whine, what do I need to do to my car to make it sound like that? Probably can't with the Coyote derived motor but I can dream.
That's crazy. A car you can drive to the track with the A/C and stereo blasting and then go sub-10 at 140+ MPH?

That's crazy.
I'm not sure what tires they have on that car but it's hooking up really well. I wonder if they are using launch control?
i think its squatting too much. meaning it can and will hook better when and if its sorted out. thats brute power pulling her. the 1/8th mph is kinda low in my opinion. not meaning 111 mph is crap or all..was expecting to see a 114 or slightly better tho.

thats why i said she appears by the sheet to be making steam on the big end of the track. kinda neat btw...i heard its making just over 1k hp at the wheel. not sure tho as i do not speak with that crowd. just a rumor from a fly on thewall/


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