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A clunk or vibration in front left when making hard right hand turns on track

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Hey guys, I posted this on the general forum but thought I would look for input here too. When making a right hand sweeper and putting a lot of pressure on the front the left I can here a nasty clunking and or vibration coming from the front left under gas and brake. One person suggested a sway bar bracket.

The car (2012 LS) is at the dealer right now because it burned 3.5 quarts of oil in 800 miles and is under an official consumption test by Ford. It started blowing blue smoke while in gear and coming off the gas before I ever took it on the track about 3 months ago. I was going to have them dive into the front left noise while it was there. No real way to replicate it on the street.

Hi Mikey

I cant think of anything but im going to ask a specialist, i hope one of the racing types on here who really know their stuff are going to reply to your post as there's nothing worst then having a load of views and no replies!

Do you have aftermarket struts on there? I had a clunk noise coming from up front that I could replicate by pushing down on the fenders really hard. I took me forever to find it, but it ended up being the spindle to strut bolt coming loose. I re-torqued a second time and no issues since.

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