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AED Shop Visit

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I had an appointment at AED today to have Drew, the other half of the AED team, weld in my Kenny Brown jacking rails. Their shop is spotless and very well run. Drew was meticulous it preparing the weld spots and painting the welds afterwards to help prevent rust. He also loaded my suspension to make sure the rails are in the correct position (something KB didn't do in their installation video). I had a chance to check out some custom fabrication they did on a Mustang rear end and their work is impressive. Anyway I wanted to show you a few photos of their shop for those that are running their tunes but will never make it to NorCal.

Tulsa, OK
The jacking rails are so convenient, I wish I would have done mine sooner.

Thanks for sharing pictures from your visit. I have always had good experience with AED and it looks like you did too. Now tune that boss :)


Finally installed KB jacking rails today. Wish I would have done it last summer.
Took it to a body shop, and they used a drive-on lift, then a lift on that to raise the wheels up, but kept the suspension loaded by lifting on the rear diff and front a-arms.
The first couple welds were pretty crude--body shops don't weld 1/8" wall tubing to sheet metal very often. ::) But the second rail looks pretty good--almost as good as AED's on Ricks.
I had him put 5 welds on the top edge, and 2 on the crimp.

Then he put some grey sealing goo over the welds, paper and taped off the areas, hit it with some primer, then 3 coats of spray can bed liner product.

Looks great. Whole process took 2.5 hours, but I think the taping off and spraying bed liner was worth it.
Sorry, didn't take any pics because the whole process took more time than I thought it would.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I don't think so but it can't hurt to ask.

BTW when I did pull the trigger on the tunes and SCT, Shaun said the second tune was free for BMO members. I got 95 and 100 octane tunes for road racing.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
ArizonaGT said:
BTW when I did pull the trigger on the tunes and SCT, Shaun said the second tune was free for BMO members. I got 95 and 100 octane tunes for road racing.
i didnt get any additional tunes from him...

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