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Airaid cold intake

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Just ordered the new carbon fiber cold intake from Airaid. Hope it works as good as it looks.just wondering about using a throtle body spacer. Seems like the reviews are all over the place as far as being effective. Anyone have first hand advice on this. Very happy with hte car so far. Also have a crw shot throw shifter on order. The stock shifter seems like its a little weak.
RoushF150 said:
No tune but has Track Key and runs amazing. OEM level quality and fit and finish is perfect. I recommend on looks alone!!
FTW! BTW you have the gasket on backwards. ;)
The intake looks really nice, but for the price they charge for stuff like that they could include better looking hose clamps. I noticed most domestic aftermarket parts run either those or even the perforated version of the worm drive clamps. You don't really need T-clamps on an NA motor but they make some really spiffy looking ones for imports that would be nice to have for our cars. Part of the reason I haven't deleted the sound tube is the kits are ugly.


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I have one and am happy with it, but you won't see any peak HP gains. I believe there is a broadening of the power curve a bit at and over 4000 RPM, but I can't prove it with a dyno.

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