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Airaid Parneli jones CAI

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Too Hot for the Boss!
I have one (mainly because of the PiMp factor... secondly because it was a birfday gift from my son).

Looks great, fits great, makes cool noises. Not sure it added any power, but I haven't thrown the car back on the dyno to prove / disprove.

Found it on Amazon for a pretty good price. Find the part number and google away.



Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Tucson302 said:
That is very cool! Days like today I curse this dropping $600 more on something I have to have!
I am glad I am not a track guy cause for the most part I good to go. That CAI does look nice though.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Yes. They auctioned off 16 of them when they were first released. The proceeds went to PJ's charity for brain injuries and the cost was tax deductible too. ;D It also came with a poster that was also signed by PJ.

I thought 15 were auctioned...I got one of them too. :)
I am interested in one one these. I have a question. I'm not ready for a tune yet, is it possible to run these with factory tune?
Boss 738 said:
I am interested in one one these. I have a question. I'm not ready for a tune yet, is it possible to run these with factory tune?

Yes, the Airaid (at least this unit # PJ 453-174) comes with an Insert (I can't recall the exact name) that allows you to run factory tune or TracKey with this CAI with the insert installed.

If you run a custom tune; you manually have to remove the insert. Cannot run TracKey with insert removed.

Call Airaid customer service to get details.
Ok so no difference on performance but looks 100% better than stock and with PR's name , it s a cool addition

thanks for posting those pictures up guys

im in
15 or 16, we each have one and that's all that matters. And man has the price gone up! I got mine for less than retail. ;D

Pretty sure, signed by PJ = priceless. Grats on getting one. Very very cool.

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