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Another Shipping Delay

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I contacted the 800 customer service number Monday to inquire about shipping and received come bad news today.

A senior customer service representative contacted me today and stated my car with other mustangs were put on another hold as of today. When I asked why the vehicle was on hold or when they anticipated it to ship, she stated that information was not available.

Sorry for the news everyone... :(
I got an email from my dealer today. He said his Ford rep called and that my car has been scheduled and to expect it in mid-May. I hope he knows what he's talking about.
Please tell me this is a joke :mad:, It will be 2014 before half of the people that have them on order will get them at this rate...

I know a few people on the boards have theirs already and or they just got them this week... So it makes me wonder if this new delay is valid or not.

I have a Race Red on order, but if I find another dealer that is close and they get it before my dealer does, I will get it where ever I can find it at this point.

Did the 2012's have this many delay dates?
302BOB said:
The only delay the '12's had was TRACKEY approval..which didn't affect delivery dates (thank God)! Hope you '13 guys get yours soon....summer is right around the corner!

There was a two week production halt mid-March, then ANOTHER two weeks in mid-April last year. While you future '13 owners are waiting, you could go back and read the gazillion 'where's my Boss?' threads over at TMS. :p
Has anyone actually verified that there is another hold on production? Could this just be customer service not knowing that the recent hold had been lifted? From what it sounds like on the other threads builds are still being scheduled and the ones that were on hold are slowly making their way out.
All I know is my car (built 2/27) moved from 51 to 5P today. I was so elated I'm going to choose to believe this is misinformation in this thread.

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