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Hedge Hollow Raceway, Adrian, Missouri - ANOTHER NEW TRACK!!

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10-20 Years
Kansas City, Missouri
This track is finally opening up to the public! NASA announced Hedge Hollow will be on the schedule for early next year. I've driven by this track a few times in the last couple years and everything I've heard is that it will be private. NASA has negotiated with the owner to get it on the time trial schedule next year. The facility looks top notch and was designed by Wilson Motorsport who has designed multiple high end road courses. I'm right at 19 miles away so I'm fairly certain I'm the closest TMO member. My shop is open if anyone needs to do quick repairs or have some TMO BBQ's!

There are multiple layouts. Here are a couple.

Hedge Hollow.jpg
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Huntsville, AL
HVR is contemplating joining NASA for this event next year. We were wondering...possibly you know...are they allowing motorhomes or trailers to stay overnight yet? We had previously been told you could only stay the night if you rent one of their condos/garages. Obviously, there aren't enough of those to support an entire NASA event...

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