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Audio aftermarket

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I'm not really a big speaker kind of guy but I do sometimes listen to music. If it was just that I think I could live with the factory radio, but I want Satellite Radio and Bluetooth hands free for my phone. That said, anyone have a setup like that that is working for them?
Ditto... The Boss and I are going on a few long distance trips to Myrtle Beach and Upstate, NY this summer and I need my satellite radio!! I am not interested in temporary set-ups as they look cluttered and I am anal about my car looking cluttered. I need the clean lines of the interior to stay that way
I saw this on another thread. Have not bought or installed it myself but it looks like it'd be the hardware for Sirius. For another $300 I think you can get the iPod controller hardware.
A few ideas for personal music use without spending more than a few dollars:
I have been using MP3s on CDs, average about 8 albums per CD.

My phone has a 16GB sd card which holds a huge amount of MP3s and can be played using the line in jack in the console.
There's also a 12v outlet in the console. I have my iPod base plugged into that with the line to the input in there. It works pretty good. I just drive with the console lid open. I have the FM1 Position 1 preset to one of the good rock stations around here, FM2 Position 1 to the other,AM Pos 1 on a good sports talk radio to zone out, and Line is the iPod. Just hit the musical note button on the steering wheel to cycle through the only 4 things I want to listen to until I get Sirius.
STIG302 said:
I've only been tuned to exhaust. :D
The only time I listen to my stereo is cruising on the fwy. Otherwise it's my quad exhaust all the way. I didn't even check to see if the CD player was working until after the first week. I was originally going to upgrade the speakers but it's a very low priority at the moment.
Yeah sometimes Radonich on 680.. I think he's just a wee bit full of himself but I still like him. Heck I've been watching him for years. Usually go iPod or 107.7 or 98.5 in the morning, but once people start actually talking I bump the station. Greg Kihn in the morning is cool until he starts blabbing. I prefer a little Metallica, lately it's been Garage, Inc. In the afternoon during football season I'll listen to the Razor and Mr T. If the Giants are in the playoffs 680 gets

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