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Autoblip not working as should

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I’ve had an Autoblip installed for about a year and it’s been great.

I had a new clutch/flywheel/slave cylinder fitted and since then the clutch engagement on the auto blip hasn’t been the same
i have to press the clutch pedal right to the floor to get it to register and that doesn’t feel natural when driving.
I’ve spoken with Autoblip and they told me to recalibrate but only press the clutch half way down which I’ve tried but that doesn’t work. I have to press it to the firewall.
any ideas? It’s really frustrating as it worked perfectly before the clutch work
Just wanted to update this, I removed the clutch position sensor and pulled the grey plunger out as far as it would go then reinstalled.
it feels a better, still have to press my foot slightly further then needed but no way as bad as it was before where I had to bury my foot into the carpet.
I’ve ordered the maximum Motorsport clutch pedal stop and will install if needed.

big thanks to Captdistraction for suggesting the clutch position switch


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