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Autocross Tires - 2023

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I've been running Falkens RT660's, and have gotten great life out of them... 295/35-19 with over 140 runs, and STILL not quite at at the wear bars! ...but the Falkens need heat to 'turn on', and I think mine are starting to fall off a bit.

What is the current wisdom around tire of choice for live axle CAM cars? I am leaning toward the A052, but thought I would float it here to see if there is anything better for 2023 (RE-71RS or others?).
140 runs, those Falkens have fallen off more than a little :)

RT660 is still a good long wearing choice if wear is a major goal. Yokohama will be faster but is heat sensitive and also won't last 140 runs.

RE71RS is a good choice as well, but I don't have any wear experience on them yet. Mine look fine after 9 runs and were fast :)

Both of my last two sets of tires heat cycled out before they wore out... 2 seasons and ~140 runs on RE-71R, and then 2 seasons on the current RT-660's. Both of them noticably lost grip over their life, but I think the Falkens fell off worse.

Wear is not really a big concern for me, as long as they last at least a season hopefully without dropping off. I mostly run on tire-friendly asphalt, with a few events on concrete.

It sounds like A052 and RE-71RS are both good choices... What is your preference between the two? (I can go with 18's or 19's if it matters.)
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RE71RS probably, but I don't have a ton of experience on wear. Yokohama is fast, but I would be very, very, very surprised if you got 140 runs out of them before running out of tread. RE71RS might be in the same boat.

Falkens do fall off around 60-80 runs regardless of tread but they might still be a good choice for you. The enemy you know...:)



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You are not making the distinction between physical wear and effective grip/hardness. That is why we are saying 140 runs those tires are junk. They may have tread left on them but they are not what they were when they were new. Tires are one of the biggest factors for speed--don't neglect them, if you can afford it.

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