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Autox/Solo shock setting

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Going for my first Solo runs next sunday and wondering what shock setting to run. The local club runs on an airfield so it sould be fairly smooth. Here's a few vids from the local guys.

I set the shocks to 5F and 2R, and going to start the day with TC on.


Too Hot for the Boss!
In my opinion, you won't like TC on... not one bit. Auto-x is more aggressive on throttle and brakes, and TC is NOT going to like that. At least start with the single push so some of the nannys are shut off.

As for shock settings, I'd probably run 5f/4r... maybe 5/5. Big car rolls a lot, but you'll want the rear just soft enough so you can transfer weight for acceleration.

Just my thoughts on the subject ;)
Thanks. yeah i'm still on the fence right now about TC on or off. I will be taking it easy anyway, just learning how the car reacts while being tossed around.

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You will have to turn TC off, as it will flat bog you down in tight corners. Car is easy to left foot brake and plenty of torque to pull you through the corners. The TC will be on way too much and it will adversely affect your time. Rear end needs to be softer in my estimation, so would try 5 in front to avoid the push and likely 3 in the rear.

Have fun , it is a pretty decent autocross machine.
I went with 5F&4R with TC on. I think 3R would have been fine also. I was smooth out of the corners and the TC didn't work to hard. As I go more I'll turn the TC off and see how that goes. I had a blast and looking forward to the next time I can go.

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