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axle backs

hey guys ,,

After alot of looking into axlebacks i've made my choice between the corsa sport and the flowmaster pro series axle backs ..

I think they have the best sound combined with performance flow and weight reduction ...

B'cuz i have lt headers and my plan is to cancel out the resonators im thonking it would be a better choice to get the Flowmaster pro series ,,,

If anyone have heard that pro series exhaust live or have any reviews for it please mention them up b4 i buy that part,, I'm here to make sure i buy what i need

Lots of thanks,
Even if there's another choices of any other axlebacks plz mention them too .. i'm looking for an axleback which is light, non restrictive flow and have a decent sound ( not loud )


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3-5 Years
Brighton, Colorado
A pair of Borla ATAK ABs saved me 17 plus pounds total. They sound great and look even better with the cans painted with a high temp black. All you see are the polished tips from behind.
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10-20 Years
Has anyone tried the Steeda axle backs? Steeda claims they are 22lbs lighter than stock. I have never seen nor heard them though. 22lbs weight savings has my attention
Ive actually change to between corsa and the bassani axlebacks .. Since each weighs 10 pound ... Im also interested in corsa ..

Ive never seen touring corsa axle backs for our model .. Where can i find it ??

Im not planning to take tha cats of my arh x pipe .. So dont you think that sport will be fine ??
I'll have a set of 11-12 gt 500 axle backs up for sale soon. they sound perfect even with longtubes and no cats. flow more than oem boss mufflers but are only slightly lighter.
now that my car has bolt ons , i'd like to know if those axle backs would give out extra couple of hp or tq ??

and if so , Do those axle backs give out different hp or tq results ( one gives out more than another ?? )

some claim to give out and others say zero difference , i just wanna make sure

Go Roush or Muffler delete (you need to have stock resonators on the OAP). I have the Roush setup, super light, 28 pounds for both according to Amazon.
$$$ ???

Shipping? From where?

located in enid Oklahoma. shipping at buyers expense. I haven't pulled them off the car yet but since its in the garage for winter they can be removed whenever.
I have tried roush, and corsa sport with factory shorties. both are awesome sounding. then I went long tube headers with high flow cats. both are WAY too loud!!
I am now running 2012 GT500 factory and they are perfect with Long tubes.

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