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Best intermediate rain (wet) tire

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The only tires I have not bought for my new 2012 FR Boss302S is a set of rain tires. I am running 18x9 square setup. Last year I ran Hoosier wets and on those days where the track would have dry spots and puddles/streams, the tires would just self destruct. They need water! They have superior wet grip but horrible longevity when the day is half wet, half dry. So for track days I'm looking for a good medium grip tire wet, and good grip dry. I have ran Toyo R888's before and they were good. Been looking at the Kuhmo's and Nitto's...still looking for advise. What tire square setup makes a good wet/dry tire?? Thanx


Not sure which Hoosier wet you were running. The new ones are supposed to be better about chunking, especially when shaved for an intermediate wet. NT01 doesn't have enough grooving for wet and R888 would be better or RA1 if you can find any.



#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
I loved Michellin Pilot Super Sports in the rain but can't get them in our size. Running Conti Extreme Contact now, seem OK but not as good as the PSS's were (albeit I ran these tires on different cars).
I just looked and the Michelin Sport Cups are available in 285/30/18 size that I can run with my setup. I had those on a race prepped Porsche I had and they were great. I was just not sure if they could handle the weight of this new car. the Porsche was 2650 lbs soaking wet. They are a little pricey but if they hold up to the setup and weight of this car they are worth it. Thanx

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