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Best Track day ever

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The title is dripping with sarcasm.

Come to find out the tracks around here require you ride with an instructor before turning you loose on a track. Makes perfect sense but I thought I could use a radio and how an instructor in the tower etc keep an eye on me. (My track car now is a one seater.)

Wrong, I ended up taking my Kia Soul to the track for my evaluation. It actually turned out not be as bad as I thought once I got the tire temps correct and realized you could turn off traction control. If anybody has been to CMP at Kershaw, we finally started going through the Kink at 85mph+ in the Kia. Not sure it the hairs would stand up anymore than there were doing that.

Luckily I got cleared to run my next time in DE solo. I don't think the tires on the Kia could stand another 30 minute session.

Also, only 2 other cars out on the track most of the day. A high $ porsche and an M3. They lapped me once every 30 minutes when we were turning the Hamsters loose!!!!!
The porsche was a DE like me. The M3 looked like he was scooting. I asked him what lap times he was running and he said in 1:50's in the morning when the track cool. A little slower at the end of the day. He looked like he was running on treaded tires. My instructor I think he said he runs low 1:40's in his Z06 on Hoosier's.

I think the karts there were running in the 1:30's. I didn't take my camera but wish I would have afterwards.

Of course, who know's they may not have been pushing it all day.

Anyway, I was actually surprised with the Kia. I wouldn't want to waste another day in it but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

If anybody lives near Kershaw, I went on a Fri. There was an open wheel class and our class. The open wheel class had 3 cars and our class started out with 4 but one guy left early. The second guy left about lunch so there was just 2 of us.

Ran 30 minutes sessions and waited 30 minutes. On a 2.23 mile track I think I ran somewhere around 100 to 120 miles and I didn't stay for my last two sessions.

Fun track and I don't think you could have asked for much more track time. I hope it's that way the next time I go in my actual car.
frosty said:
Fun track and I don't think you could have asked for much more track time. I hope it's that way the next time I go in my actual car.

CMP is a great track. I have more track time on that one than any other. The Carolina Regional Mustang Club holds a weekend every year the 1st weekend in June for under $300. NASA-SE weekends are under $300 too.

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